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Ethereum Code Review

"maggiesmith" (2019-01-05)

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Then there's the small matter of actually Ethereum Code Review\/ getting your story out there. This is where innovative new platforms are about to make life a lot easier.Future1Coin is one company working to integrate marketing tools into their cryptocurrency investment platform. One such tool will be an affiliate platform for ICOs. This will allow ICO's to more readily raise funds through leveraging the enthusiasm of supporters who are willing to help tell the ICO's story to the right people. Building trust with investorsFinding your target audienceContribute new data from different sources Correct any errors or misnomers found on the network Expand the level of the available knowledge Develop the network more than personal intelligence could ever achieve Without mincing words, collective intelligence is one of the foundational technologies upon which the Cubaaz platform is built. As it stands today, the platform has been utilizing the technology in various ways including: To get collaborative information from users to ensure that accurate results are obtained about and from the communities To get more knowledge and harmonic from different users To obtain new ideas, thoughts, and concepts from users, and use them to take the platform to greater heights To enjoy these benefits of collective intelligence, Cubaaz has aptly put certain things in place. Foremost, the platform was introduced with a decentralized system; thus, it has eliminated the need for an individual to control or give orders to others before certain transactions or contributions can be made. Also, Cubaaz embraces the use of artificial intelligence which serves as the basis of the implementation of the collective intelligence. Consequently, each user is empowered to be part of the team of contributors. Overall, the use of collective intelligence in the current success of Cubaaz can never be overemphasized, and we can only hope that the technology contributes more information to the progress of the platform as time goes on.

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