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30×30 Total Transformation Review

"maggiesmith" (2018-12-19)

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I also saw myself having one 30×30 Total Transformation Review/ to one discussions with senior leaders in a variety of organizations, conducting training and team building sessions in conference rooms at their locations. Amazingly, many of the people in the sessions were smoking. I had very vivid images of standing in front of large audiences at sales meetings doing talks. I saw myself signing a book I had written at a bookstore. I also saw myself on airplanes, traveling to my speaking, coaching and consulting gigs.All of these vivid images came true. My office is much as I had imagined it -- except it has a two PCs and cell phone, not a Selectric typewriter and clunky phone. The wall of books is there -- overflowing. I've written 11 of the books on the shelf. People don't smoke in my training and team building sessions anymore and I use PowerPoint instead of handwritten flip charts, but the big stuff is the same as I've imagined it. I've spoken to audiences all over North America, in Latin America, Europe and Asia. I am a million mile flyer with Continental Air Lines.I'm living my dream -- in large part because I dared to dream it all those years ago. What's your dream? Can you create a vivid mental image of it? I suggest that you take some time for yourself. Ask and answer these three questions:

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