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"johnsonsophie" (2018-12-18)

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Think for a moment about just a few Noocube Review of the affected substrates. The imagination, anticipation, and assignment of meaning functions of the right orbitofrontal cortex are strengthened. The thought switching capabilities of the anterior cingulate cortex is fortified. Our explicit and implicit memory functions are enhanced as they are magnified by their partnership with computer storage. And, our sense of self as somewhat determined by the insula is expanded as we communicate with others around the globe.

However, as I implied in the calculator example, we must be vigilant as some advantages may be outweighed by the disadvantages. We may allow technology to become a crutch which retards mental function to the point that we become totally incapable of operating when the batteries die out or a connection is lost. The mind-expanding value of social networking, such as Facebook and MySpace, should not allow our ability to communicate face-to-face to wither. And we should also realize the dangers of addictive behavior brought on by dopamine and endorphin rushes as is too often found with video games, virtual reality, and even pornography.

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