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CrazyBulk Review

"kalaivani" (2018-12-13)

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Technique of performance: stand up under the neck like in a usual squat.CrazyBulk Lift the neck up so that you can remove it from the supports. Make a little step forward (10-15 cm) and place your foot apart in a neutral position on the shoulders' width. Keep your back rounded, do not bend, so that the lower part of your back in not overloaded. Then descend down, retaining control over weight like in a normal squat. Then quickly get up from a full squat to the starting position. Repeat the movement.Squat of Gakkenshmidt (should be performed on Gakk machine)This is an excellent alternative to a simple squat, because the load is shifted toward the knee on the lower part of the quadriceps. Compared with a normal squat and Smith squat, the back is partly unloaded, but the knees' joints are loaded more intensively.

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