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GenBrain Inteligen Review

"Mathisharaina" (2018-12-12)

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Post traumatic stress disorder is one of the most powerful mental problems GenBrain Inteligen that our military faces when we go to war. While the affliction is certainly not only a military problem, the horrors of war cause many cases every year. Here is the story of one man with post traumatic stress disorder and how it happened to him. When I first joined the military, it was just after the first Desert war in Iraq. Many of my fellow soldiers had just gotten back from the war, and the vast majority of them were fairly unaffected. The unit that I was with was not exactly on the front lines of the war, but we had some guys that had been sent there and back. One of those soldiers was named James. James was my age, about 22 years old, and was a medic just like I was. He had been sent to a very busy aid station while in Iraq and any injured soldiers came through there before being sent home or elsewhere. James had seen a great deal of bloodshed in his time at the aid station and he seemed a bit off sometimes. As it turns out, James was my roommate. He and I shared a room on base, and I was not sure how I felt about it. While I had no choice about who I bunked with, I still considered asking for a transfer. The reason was because James would wake every single night screaming at the top of his lungs. Nightmares haunted him every single night. Another thing that I noticed was he spent a great deal of time shaking and crying when nobody was looking. I would come in after work and find him huddled in the corner of his bed. After a week or two of this, I finally tried to talk to him. On this particular day, he seemed a bit more lucid. I sat on the edge of the bed and listened for hours about all the things he had seen over there. In particular, he was haunted by the death of one of his best friends.

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