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"clararobert" (2018-12-12)

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Regularly wash your face. This is crucial and isThe Booty Pro Review perhaps the simplest yet most effective skin care treatment plan for that oily skin. Again this is testament to the old rule that you should always go after the root of the problem. Washing off excessive oil will not give chance for the dirt and bacteria to build up. One thing you just need to remember is that you should look for the best washing agent that will not strip away all that oil and moisture leaving your skin dry. This can cause even worse problems than what you started with. A good start would be use lukewarm water with a mild cleanser that can clean those pores free of excess oil. Then wash off with cool water. Applying a mixture of lime and cucumber juice on your face before taking a bath also said to be a good anti excess oil treatment.You may use astringents, toners and moisturizers after washing but watch out for harmful ingredients. Forget oily skin care products that contain alcohol will dry up your skin, parabens carcinogen and mineral oils will contribute to clogging and drying.Eat the right food. Sugary and oily food are known to cause your skin to produce more oil and will be counterproductive to your oily skin care efforts. It is suggested that you also include a diet plan in your skin care regimen.

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