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"deepa" (2018-12-11)

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A false time constraint is a very-often-used technique to convey that you are coming from a place of abundance.Testogen The idea is that you say something like, "I can only stay a minute," or, "I have to friends are waiting for me," to show that you are not supplicating. The first thing a woman or group thinks when you approach them is "Oh great, I wonder how long this guy is going to stay here wasting my time." You answer their objection by giving them that false time constraint. Like in sales, you want to get one foot in the door, because a person's natural inclination is to guard their time and not want to be solicited.The problem is if you are coming from a high value place, that person will never know what they are missing. To grease the axles you need to pique their interest. There's something to be said for coming from a place of power. You do not always need to add a false time constraint to the situation, but it never hurts to do it. The rationale behind it is, you are approaching them as an equal and are not there to waste their time or yours. If you find something interesting in what they say, you continue the conversation. If not, simply eject. You never want to come across as having lower value than the woman or group you are talking to.I would also caution against using a false time constraint, if it is not true. Seduction technique are getting used so much that there is no doubt many of these have been used unsuccessfully on the women you approach. A false time constraint is a good tip-off to many women that you are trying to pick them up.

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