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Bauer Nutrition Review

"winston kessi" (2018-12-07)

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How did you do with your food choices this weekend? Bauer Nutrition Review This time of year brings on many new activities and excuses to rush our eating and we are more tempted to visit that drive through for a quick meal. I am especially busy during the fall and winter months, with my daughter's fall sports calendars, keeping clients on track during the holidays, holiday gatherings, bonfires, holiday shopping, and more. It takes a toll and I will admit I have a hard time some days myself. This is where planning becomes so utterly important. I will ware my crock pot out over the next 4 months with soups, stews, chicken recipes, and more. It is a real timesaver when you're coming home late and you know dinner is cooking. All I have to do is serve it and enjoy. Let's talk about that other option for a second shall we.....</a

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