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Hypnosis Live Review

"Selvaraj" (2018-12-07)

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I heard this quote on a teleseminar a while back. Hypnosis Live I think it was by the intuitive soul, Beath Davis. And I really resonate with the message of it. I think sometimes we go on autopilot and just aren't aware of how we are letting our ego drive our behaviors and our lives. I have always steered clear of gossip and yes, I have ended up being the "loner" sometimes because of this. I felt so good when I heard the quote because this was exactly how I have been living my life for at least the last ten years (I am 39) and now I know why. I have a "great big mind"! And I never really realized why I don't care for the discussion of politics or current events more than a mention.One the most aware coaches I know, Christine Kane shared with me that "Lots of times we think the ego is the part of us that wants to play big. I have found that the ego doesn't necessarily love that playing big stuff as much as it loves the attention-getting-make-me-look-good stuff." She says, "I find that my ego (god bless her!) gets all stuck in the puffy stuff when my soul (god bless her, too!) isn't worried about looking good. AWARENESS is what brings the clarity to know which motivation is driving us.

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