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The Carnivore’s Bible

"honeygates" (2018-12-07)

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I discussed my findings with my wife and we proceeded to check out spices on our weekly groceryThe Carnivore’s Bible shopping outings. Still nothing. I did take notes on sizes, labeling and prices, but no luck with my quest. She suggested that I create my own blend to my liking. I'm guessing she suggested that to shut me up. It didn't work. About the middle of October I made my first concoction. Not too bad. Way too many flavors came through, but not bad. I took it to work to test out with my associates. They liked it, so they said. One week later and 2 more blends for the test victims to sample. Either they felt sorry for the old guy making seasonings or they actual liked it. I fed my ego and chose the latter. During this time frame I was researching everything I could think of. I was obsessed and possessed. Cost factors, production, taste bud reaction, Scoville Units, bottles, sizes, weights, requirements, labeling, shipping, marketing and a name. I was frenzied. "All I was trying to make was a substitute for sliced jalapeno peppers" I told myself. Too late, I unknowingly created a business plan and I was hooked. With my wife of course, we began to refine formulas and tastes. Ate a lot more pizza, which was OK with me, but decided to try other dishes as well. The seasoning tasted great on all dishes. One thing was missing, a name. After numerous choices, we settled on Picoso. It means Spicy, and in my over the top way of doing things, I took it further. I started to research the other flavors and blended more seasonings finally settling on five. Anaheim, Poblano, Jalapeno, Serrano and Habanero were blended and tested on my work victims again with the same results. They liked them all and wanted to know when I was going to start selling them. Around one year after the first "instant" I started a business using Picoso brand seasonings. I started my web store on Christmas 2010 with the original blend seasonings. It hasn't stopped there. What started as a search for a substitute for jalapeno slices has evolved into 18 brands of five flavors each. No I cannot offer them all. I would not be able to deliver. My obsession has taken a new turn. While I continue to promote and sell my seasonings, I am now on a quest to learn and understand how to take Picoso seasonings into mass production and distribution. A different obsession but more focused this time. I still cannot retire on my little adventure, but what an experience, education and evolution it has been in such a short time.

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