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"Harini vannamathi" (2018-12-07)

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If you want to give your baby a strong start in life, you need to read to them often.NiacinMax Along with lots of story books, you should make them at least one of these personalized baby reading books that will help teach your baby to read. Babies love to hear about themselves and see pictures of themselves. These two factors make these homemade books a hit with babies.In order to get started you will need the following materials.Materials Needed to Make Books to Teach Baby to ReadTake out your pictures and write a simple sentence for each one. Make sure you write on the paper landscape style. This will give you more room to write your sentences.Some ideas of what you would write would be:My name is Johnny.I am one year old.I live in Dallas, Texas.I have a dog named Peaches.She is a German Shepherd.I love to eat cookies.I like to play with my toys.This is my mommy.This is my daddy.I have a sister.Her name is Annabelle.I ride in a car seat.I like to take a bath.I like to drink juice from a cup.I am a big boy.This is an example of a book that would have 30 pages. After creating your sentence page place the paper in a plastic sheet protector. Now get a picture that corresponds to the sentence you wrote and tape it to a piece of plain paper. Insert your picture page into a sheet protector and continue until you have between 15 and 20 sentence pages. The soft folders can hold up to 40 page protector sheets. NiacinMax

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