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The All Weather King

"clararobert" (2018-12-07)

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Under the class system let's say a horse win 3 races. That The All Weather King Review horse is compelled to race in Class 3 or higher for the rest of it's career. The problem was many horses did reach a level where they were no longer competitive and so either had to stop racing or be sold to Darwin etc. So the Benchmark system came into play and this system of classifying horses enabled lots more adaptability and to a lesser degree "rorts". Horses can race outside their Benchmark but they are severely weighted when doing so. This has enabled better and bigger fields and also created a lot more opportunities for apprentices. But one of the best parts of this system is that horses who fail in higher Benchmark events, can (over time) have their Benchmark reduced incrementally and therefore drop back significantly in class.Look for them. Significant grade or class drops mean horses will not only compete better, but generally will have no problem altering their racing patterns. These are the improvers you need to find before the race.... as you can't make money after its over.Track Condition Some horses simply can't compete on Slow/Heavy tracks. Generally trainers won't/don't run them but beware the unfit horse who has resumed and had two runs on unsuitable wet tracks. Often, (especially over Winter) trainers have no choice but to run a horse to get it fit. The lead up runs particularly on unsuitable track conditions often short of a horses ideal distance range, are well hidden. Third up the same horse appears on a good track over a more suitable distance and wins.

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