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APEX Body Cleanse Review

"hema sri" (2018-12-06)

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I am sure you must have heard of this. The reality is that eggs contain very little saturated fats. APEX Body Cleanse ReviewSaturated fats are the kind of fat that contributes to your cholesterol levels. And mind you not all saturated fats are bad. I will explain this in a future article. In a recent research to study the effects of daily eggs consumption to cholesterol levels, contribution towards lipid levels and heart disease is highly unlikely. It doesn't matter what sort of egg you consume. The bottom-line is eggs will not increase your risk of any cardiovascular disease. Most people believe that red wine is good for the heart because of the antioxidant content present in them. Although antioxidant does have a protective effect for your heart, alcohol also helps to reduce heart attacks. In fact any alcohol beverage drank in moderation is a key to a healthy heart.I'm not exactly promoting anyone to be an alcoholic. The general consensus of alcohol drank in moderation is a max of 2 standard drinks for females and 4 standard drinks for males a day. One standard drink is equivalent to 1 can of beer a day. APEX Body Cleanse Review

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