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Defensive Driving System Review

"beulamary" (2018-12-06)

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The latter would be in line with the principles applied in theDefensive Driving System setting of the criteria for acceptance of waste at landfills in the EU When determining whether or not FSQ has been reached, it is important to know if the concentration of a component in question can be trusted not to increase significantly at any point in the future.Whereas observations such as those described in their paper may serve as useful indicators in this respect, predictions of future longer-term behaviour, especially those based on external factors, would need to be supported by sophisticated hydro-geochemical equilibrium calculations.The accuracy of the water balance calculations as an average for the period of time considered will be important. Knowing the water flux from the water balance calculations, for some of the parameters a first impression of the time to FSQ may be obtained. That is by comparing the concentration of a contaminant in the leachate to the acceptable concentration in the groundwater or surface water adjacent to the landfill, or at some point downstream of the waste mass, the number of volumes of flushing required can be roughly guaged, and from this the very approximate time scale deduced.

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