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Total Money Magnetism Review

"celingracy" (2018-12-06)

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When most guys think of how to get a girlfriend, they imagine something Total Money Magnetismjust "happening." Like they'll be hanging out at the bookstore, and that cute goddess from heaven will walk up and just start talking to them. Unfortunately, it doesn't usually work out like that.If any girl walks up to you and starts talking to you, it's most certainly not going to be the girl of your dreams. Most likely it's going to be somebody with some kind of network marketing angle.The first thing you'll need to do is get your mind frame set right. When you're out looking for a girlfriend, it helps to have some kind of criteria. Obviously a crucial bit is that she's into you. But if that's your only criteria, you aren't going to have much luck.Instead, think of at least three or four things that are truly deal breakers in your mind. Then, when you go out and interact with girls, instead of worrying whether or not you'll pass her tests, you'll be subtly and covertly testing her to see if she passes your tests.

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