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The Faith Diet Review

"winston kessi" (2018-12-06)

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Is your diet high in refined white flour, sugar and the like?The Faith Diet Review If so you may want to try cutting back on some of that and introducing more fruit and veg. Do you snack on potato crisps? If so why not try exchanging them for seeds or nuts (and I do not mean a packet of ready salted nuts here I am on about almonds or something similar). Also try to ensure that you are getting oily fish into your diet such as salmon or tuna (not the tinned stuff though). These are high in protein for you and also contain essential fats in the shape of Omega 3. And the best thing you can do with your new eating plan is combine it with some exercise. Now exercise does not have to mean running so hard that you cannot utter a word, exercise can be just anything that keeps your body and muscles moving. Exercise should be regular and consistent with at least fifteen minutes per day doing anything that is good for cardiovascular health, like swimming, running, brisk walking and even dancing. Before you start your new diet, think about and plan it first.

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