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Instarect ED Review

"merlinsopiya" (2018-12-06)

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Injections of pure testosterone were tried early on, but were found to work for only two hours,Instarect ED and though the effects were nice while they lasted, some means had to be found of getting a longer period of action if the treatment was to become popular. The first attempt at this was by making an ester called testosterone propionate. Having a short side-chain it only lasted two or three days, but this enabled it to be used clinically even if it meant injections two or three times a week. This was the preparation used in 1944 by Heller and Myers to demonstrate for once, if not for all, that the male menopause, or male climacteric as it was called then, is due to testosterone deficiency. They also showed in a controlled trial using placebo injections of sesame oil, how the symptoms of this very real hormonal disorder, including erection problems, could be abolished by TRT. 1

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