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exercise is essential, but sleep is equally important.

"AirSnore" (2018-12-05)

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Stress is the most common reason for people to suffer from insomnia. If a person AirSnore is stressed out a lot usually, he will also change his eating habits. A person who is stressed out a lot will eat foods such as strong flavored snacks containing high fats, aromas, caffeine, and sugary things. These things do offer a person quick relive from the stress and a quick burst of energy but all of these things do not provide the body with the proper nutrition that it requires. The body needs nutrients and when it doesn't get those nutrients, it loses weight. Also foods such as caffeine and energy drinks cause insomnia and make it difficult for a person to sleep properly at night. If you keep consuming caffeine and energy drinks then you will have a major problem on your hand i.e. sleeplessness and ultimately it will harm the quality of your life.Recent studies show that a mood of a person is not only dependent on getting the proper amount of sleep but it is also dependent on what kind of food a person consumes. Serotonin is one of the most important biochemical reactions that occur inside our body and it affects our mood either in a positive or a negative way. If you intake the right kind of foods then your mood will be good but if your don't eat the proper foods then you will feel depressed and stressed our which of course makes it difficult for a person get proper sleep.



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