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The All Weather King Review

"celingracy" (2018-12-04)

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The problem was that when I did increase my bets I also hit a The All Weather Kingrough patch at the same time so I lost a lot of money. When a progressive betting scheme is working it is fantastic, but when they fail, they are a bear that will devour your bankroll faster than you can say poor house. That is exactly what happened. The lesson I learned was that things might work on paper, but in real life, they seldom go as smoothly. Using historical data to predict future trends is risky as any economist or politician can tell you.It wasn't until years later that I managed to eek out a small living betting on horses and I did it with straight bets. If your system isn't winning enough to show a profit with straight bets, increasing your wagers will only eventually make you lose more, trust me, I know that from experience. A good system will make a small profit, if you tweak it a little to suit your track and style, but you have to be realistic and have realistic expectations. Never ever expect progressive betting to make a bad system work.

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