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"hemasri" (2018-12-04)

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Always, and I mean ALWAYS carry a towel with you. This is so you can wipe off the equipment when you're done. CrazyBulk Review Think about it, you're going to sweat and there's a little thing called gravity, yep, you're going to leave your mark just like I told you earlier. So, imagine you are heading toward a bench and someone has left a nice hefty puddle of sweat literally dripping to the floor. Tell me, and be honest, that you would have no problem just laying down in that? Yikes! There it is, plain and simple but here's a little tip for personal hygiene. Get yourself into the habit of always placing one side of the towel toward the equipment and the other is the side that will come into contact with you. (Here's how I do it, as I'm starting my workout I automatically check the towel edge to see which way the edge seam is finished off and that's the side that always goes down, toward the equipment.

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