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Daily Cash Siphon Review

"kalaivani" (2018-12-04)

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If you own a small business or have anything to do with the marketing of a small business, Daily Cash Siphon the Google Places Headline is very, very important. You must get your business on the "7-Pack" or what I and some others call the "Outside MAP." This is the Map that shows up on the left side of the page near the top of any search for a small business that includes a city name or zip (eg. realtor Long Beach). Having an organic listing on the first page of search is important, and will continue to be job one. But for everyone job two will be about presence on Google Places 7-Pack. What about the other headline. This huge change on search of adding a left hand column was not such a huge change. The column has been available for a long time, just hidden unless you asked for it. Now it is visible whether you want it or not. For serous internet searchers, the most important tool on the navigation bar is the time tool. Not being able to get the latest version of something, or having to scroll 10-20 pages to find new information is a pain. You may want to commonly push that button on any search to determine if new information will change your results and guide you to better solutions.

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