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Kindle Sniper Review

"Selvaraj" (2018-12-04)

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It's a well-known marketing fact that people are likely to buy MORE Kindle Sniper when they've JUST bought something - when they are in a buying mood! For example, if someone has just bought a brand new set of golf clubs and is feeling excited and pleased, when do you think they are most likely to buy a new golf glove, or golf umbrella, or golf shoes, or golf bag or golf trolley? Subject to affordability, they will want to buy everything there and then. Or, to continue the golf analogy, if someone has just had their first golf lesson, assuming that the coach was good and they enjoyed it, when will they want their next lesson? Next week, next month or next year? They will want it next week. The coach should book next week's lesson at the end of the first lesson whilst they are still feeling good about the experience. In fact, the coach should "strike while the iron's hot" and book 10 consecutive weekly lessons after the first lesson - perhaps by offering a discount for booking 10 lessons.

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