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Defence Driving System Review

"Harini vannamathi" (2018-12-03)

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Once you are charged with drink driving, you will receive a "Notice to appear" at court. Defence Driving System This Notice sets out the date on which you should go to the court for the trial. Get up early, dress neatly and be there in time. Especially for those who step into a court for the first time in their life, it would be better to get to the court early to familiarize yourself with the environment. As a rule of thumb, do not be late.When the court starts hearing your case, your name will usually be called by either the court clerk, a policeman or over a loudspeaker. By then you should be present in the courtroom. Walk up to the table in front of the Magistrate to show him that you are present, and speak to him slowly clearly and loudly. Whenever addressing to the Magistrate, do not forget to stand, face him and use the words "Your Honour." Never be shy and hesitate. In the court proceedings, you will be called the "defendant" so when you hear the word "defendant," be told that that is you. The police officer who presents the case against you is called the "prosecutor." First decide whether you are going to plead guilty or otherwise.To plead guilty is a difficult decision, because this means you are giving up your right to a trial. The court will decide the punishment you deserve, and in traffic law cases, it is usually a disqualification or cancellation of your driving licence.

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