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"merlinsopiya" (2018-12-01)

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Next, I would spend some quiet time imagining howConcerned Patriot I would feel and think when I got to the office on Monday and saw that same amount of money waiting for me. It got so real that I could feel those feelings and think those thoughts in my quiet time. So in faith, I ended this prayer and quiet time with thanksgiving and praise to God.Often during the week in Arizona, I would have doubts about the upcoming "reality" waiting for me on Monday. Or I would have doubts about whether I had heard God correctly. Or a million other things. When I had these doubts, I would whip out my power prayer card and read it to myself. Then I would re-live those feelings of joy and gratitude to God for providing for me.I tried not to ask God again for this same request. I figured that I already did that. But... I also figured that I had to learn to become like the guy whose daughter died. He came to Jesus to come to his house to heal her while she was on her sick bed. But Jesus didn't make it in time. She died.

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