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Manifestation Magic Review

"Harini vannamathi" (2018-11-28)

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The common sense point here is simple. Successful people have a clearly defined purpose for their life. Manifestation Magic ReviewSue Grafton's purpose is writing mystery stories that entertain large numbers of people. My purpose is helping others succeed. My friend's purpose was creating better surgical equipment. What is your purpose? It should be something you love. If you don't love it, you'll get burned out and see your work as a grind. If you love what you do, you see your work as a gift and something to which you look forward every day. As we approach the end of 2009, spend some time thinking about what you truly love doing. Then, and more important, think about how you can make doing what you love your life's work.This got me thinking about the unpredictability of life. As I frequently say, as you go through life stuff will happen -- good stuff, bad stuff, happy stuff, sad stuff, encouraging stuff, frustrating stuff. However, it's not that stuff that happens that's important; it's how you react to it. You can control the people and events in your life. You can control how you react to the people and events in your life.

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