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Tinnitus Control Review

"mohamed eliyas" (2018-11-23)

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If tinnitus is caused by a loss of hearing or hearing Tinnitus Control damage due to exposure to excessive noise, there is currently no specific treatment for it. Different drugs can be used (vasodilators of baclofen, cinnarizine, benzodiazepines), but most have more negative side effects than positive ones. In some cases, medication to control stress or depression may be prescribed with good results.Some people have experienced relief with supplements like niacin (vitamin B3), but the result is unpredictable, and should be used with the advice and supervision of a medical professional. Tinnitus can be masked through the use of a white tone generator. This device delivers sounds in the affected ear. A noise called "white noise" (noise similar to that produced by a radio tuned between stations) at a low volume is emitted from the device. This masks the ringing and greatly reduces the inconvenience of the sufferer. This device resembles a hearing aid. The white sound generators are recommended for patients whose hearing is normal or nearly normal.

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