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Your wealth magnet Review

"beulamary" (2018-11-23)

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I say this because it seems like traders want to Your wealth magnet spend their hard earned money on a lot of toys. They'll spend money on so called "state of the art" software, indicators, trading robots, etc... But look around. Do you think that many of these traders are having success? I personally don't think so. You can just look at the statistics: 95% of traders lose money.So think about itnot only are the majority of traders losing money in the market, but they are also losing money just by using all these bells and whistles. That doesn't sound much like a win-win situation, does it.This may come as a big surprise but you don't need any bells and whistles to trade successfully. don't even need indicators. Just look at a simple bar or candlestick chart.

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