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OTA Definitions

by Leah Ananta (2018-05-06)

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Keadilan . Well, it's a fresh start in 2018 where I start experimenting with writing again. It has a lot of experience in various macem work field, but always there is something new. The latter is an idea radiated when see incessant travel agent ads. Yes, you know, there's going to be a boom in the annual financial cycle. The greatness of the rutinan each epidemic, what is it? Eid Al-Fitr. Each year the expenditure or cashflow ratio increased by 600% during the Eid ul-Fitr event. The term homecoming began to be used again by almost all advertising media, as if again a compact want to explore together with the word "Mudik". Bacaan Sholat

Recently there was a friend who made a new business whose term is quite foreign to my ear. He said again ngembangin OTA, I immediately stare "Huh? What is OTA?". He just smile wrote. Because I do not want to look stupid or pelon or belooon, I do not ask more. But a day two days later, tetep kepikiran and curious what is OTA. Finally the final step, tetep ask for clues to google mbah. And after straying there finally found what I was looking for. So from that I share what I know (Do not say if I also just know yaa ...). Sholat Dhuha

OTA it is ...
Online Travel Agencies or a language that can easily enter the stomach is a travel agent who has a website, so ajalah. So, if there are people want to go and need to book a plane ticket, booking inn etc, can directly order in OTA. Well now it's a little clear yaa what is OTA. Hduh, I really remember the traditional childhood food first, the name OTE-OTE: D .. sorry OOT (Out of Topic) #but not ask what is OOT. Polusi Udara

Continue on OTA or Online Travel Agencies. It turns out that there are so many OTAs in Indonesia, even sadly .. Travel Agents are still Offline status, it's still open office at terminals - terminals, stations, and near the airport many out of business. It means roll tuh not fit again on the beach outpour trus rain, finally the mat rolled. But it's true, the bankruptcy of the offline travel agents. Eaten raw with traveloka, pegi-pegi, booking dot com, and many others, I do not memorized. sorry. Wayang

Then if it's so happened, who is wrong try? not available. That is the law of nature or more seremnya Rimba Law .. Who is strong he became King. The same case with the fate of becak drivers, conventional taxis, and motorcycle taxi drivers as well. They are eaten raw bones by batch Grab, Gojek, GoCar and koncoya. Are not you? : D Pahlawan

Back again to my friend's story earlier, the name of his business he said First heard it seems taken from the Java language, iso means can trus mili means to flow. "Can Flow = IsoMili" live dot com wrote just aja so the name of the website. He entered the OTA business with some of his colleagues who were already very experienced in the reservation field. So if a friend readers follow the curious liat aja directly in Booking Guest House Murah. Juz Amma

On the website they offer cheap guest house booking facility. The plan hell in all cities and districts throughout Indonesia. But he said it is still focused on cities in eastern Java, especially residency kediri. I am currently living in surabaya, this is my holiday plan to follow "Mudik" to tulungagung. Well, this I think I want to use nyobain services of my friend, without saying to him: D. I want to pretend its NGE TEST gitulah. Plans want these early fasts to Tulungagung. Later if my reservation via the website and successful cheap lodging, I will share my experience again. Not important is the inn what is its name, there is a guest house, there is a homestay, there are indekost dll. Anyway nginep, can sleep comfortably, and the important thing is not make my wallet broken heart: D. Asmaul Husna

Ok buddy reader, so it used to be a small letter from me. Although I do not really review the details about OTA, at least I can share my little insight. Salam sejah tera my readers all over Indonesia. Independent!. Putus Asa . Arti Sahabat .

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