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Barbie, no warts and all, comes to Paris

"Renaldo" (2018-02-28)

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A doll holding an electoral poster reading "Barbie for president" on display at the "Barbie, life of an icon" exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris
© AFP Matthieu Alexandre

Paris (AFP) - For decades, Barbie has encouraged girls to reach for the stars, showing them through her endless reinventions that anything is possible.

Now the girl who beat Neil Armstrong to the Moon has brought a lifetime of fine outfits and accessories to Paris to show them off to the world at the city's Museum of Decorative Arts.

Though in many ways Barbie has lived a charmed life, she has also been kamasutra dogged by controversy -- notably because girls could never hope to grow into her impossibly slender body shape.

- 'Mirror of her time' -

Magazine covers from the 1960s down the decades are juxtaposed with the Barbie of the day, showing how closely she has been in step with each passing fad.

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