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Best Horse hoof boot styles

by Sahin Hyde (2018-05-19)

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Anyone who obtained hoof boots for their horse realizes; boots work well when they fit. The faster the actual gait a horse is ridden or driven the higher the boots must fit. That is why we ask our customers to provide traces, measurements and in many cases, photos of these horses hooves. We utilize that details to make the best fitting boots possible.
Hoofwings are comprised of a base and a side. Wings have always been custom made according to measurements. Bases come in dimensions. (We are working on making bottoms that will fit any hoof.)
Hoofwings tend to be unique for the reason that they are made entirely yourself.
Horses with laminitis, (founder) as well as other hoof problems enjoy the extra protection Hoofwings provide. They reduce the pain associated with laminitis and promote healing by allowing the horse to walk.
They are great for trail riding, for traveling horses and then for horses shifting from shod to barefoot.


Thousands of atmosphere bubbles within the base soak up concussion.
Their lightweight keeps them from switching your horses gaits.
Their particular open style and to be able to materials enable you to leave them on your horse 24/7.
Hoofwings lessen thrush by upholding your horses hooves clear. Bandages and medications remain clean more time.
Hoofwings protect the complete hoof and prevent rock bruising.
Hoofwings are cost effective because they are only employed when needed and also the wings can be repaired or perhaps replaced.
Presently, there are 30 different size Hoofwing bases.
All of us use traces of your farm pets hooves to determine which foundation will match best.


Hoof boots allow your horse's hooves to be trimmed when necessary, not just between shoeings.
Since horses hooves expand, they increase. The heels associated with horses shod along with nailed or stuck on footwear will eventually deal. Contracted heels really are a deformity that often leads to navicular affliction and other hoof difficulties.
Hoof boots enable you, the actual horse owner, to choose when your horse's hooves need protection. For example; when there is snow on the ground horse shoes cause the snow to build up under the hooves and turn in order to ice. The ice forms huge heavy golf balls that can cause the particular horse to be unable to walk! We suggest your horse be barefoot when there is snowfall on the ground. If there's ice underneath the snow, easily-removed studs are available for Hoofwings.
The most important good thing about boots is; they will eliminate all of the problems caused by shoeing.

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