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When a Child Requires Cancer Treatment

by Torres Ross (2018-05-16)

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Cancer in any form is devastating to the patient and the whole family. The patient suffers through the pain, hair loss, fatigue, and the fight for life. Sadness, stress, expenses, and time off work are situations and emotions that face the family. All these components, and so many more, are exponentially worse when a child is going through cancer treatment.

More Than People Think

The number of children diagnosed with cancer is staggering. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children in this country. The average age of diagnosis is six-years old, and over forty-thousand children undergo cancer treatment every year. Treatment is scary, painful, exhausting, and difficult for most adult patients to grasp so it is hard to imagine how cancer is perceived through the minds of children.

One Resource

Being able to consult one resource for questions, information, support, and cancer patient services makes the research element easier and less time-consuming. A website, operated by Cancer Horizons, does just that. The organization is dedicated to assist patients and their families in any way possible. Parents, for example, can discover the latest cancer research and treatment options for their children in a clearly marked navigational tab.

Learn about financial help with cancer , trial opportunities, increasing success rates for certain forms of cancer, and contact information to local treatment centers. If lung cancer financial assistance exist in the area, information regarding long-distance treatment can be found in the same place. While at the site, look for a cancer support community aimed at helping parents cope with the feelings and demands of juggling cancer treatment amid all the other aspects of daily life.

What About Finances?

There are many extra expenses when a child requires treatment. Travel, child care for siblings, temporary durable medical equipment, clothing for warmth, and hats to conceal hair loss are only a small sample of examples. Needs will be different for each patient. A section regarding Financial help for cancer patients has a category specific to pediatric cancer funding.

It is organized and thorough. Siblings and parents may need counseling to deal with the anxiety and stress , or to cope with the changes to the household routine. There is a program to address those needs and accompanying expenses. Fulfilling wishes, as well as immediate needs, is important for patients to get the most out of life and be distracted from the struggle. Find a program, company, or organization that provides funding for that online too.

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