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Building Information Modeling and Electronic Design & Building Recruiters

by Blankenship Sejersen (2018-05-11)

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Project administrators and BIM owners to look at building information modeling (BIM) from the human resources lens. We will address the common difficulties of coping with the BIM percolate from a recruiting perspective. This kind of hand-out will have in-depth information on this topic and definately will mainly be familiar with keep up with the presenter.
BIM Recruiters specializes in recruiting:
BIM Technician
BIM Modeling Specialist
BIM Coordinator
Structural BIM Designer
BIM Design Technologist
BIM/ VDC Professional
BIM Manager
BIM / Revit Modeler
CAD/BIM Technician
CAD/BIM Design Tech
VDC/BIM Modeler
VDC/BIM Project Engineer
VDC Coordinator
BIM Overseer


Our focus, knowledge as well as commitment to BIM as well as VDC (Building Information Modeling and Electronic Design & Building) gives us a definite advantage over others who merely dabble in our world. Numerous Architecture, Engineering and Building companies have used us to locate and protected the best talent available!
BIM Prospecting Services
It's not about building lists, one-way conversations, post-and-pray, it’s concerning digging strong and figuring out and engaging talent! We offer the next 3 types of recruiting solutions:
Non-Exclusive Contingency
Suitable approach in the event the open placement(s) is of low priority to the organization as well as the timing regarding hiring is not important
Exclusive Contingency
Most used approach. Efficient for increased priority positions and if moment is important for filling the position(s)


Engagement Fee
Appropriate when the consumer places excellent priority around the position(utes) and where moment in completing the position is important.
Why is this important? Understanding what impact BIM will reflect on your own employees’ positions and their project participation is important to the success of your investment in this particular BIM implementation. Failure to pay attention can result in a number of human, financial as well as project problems:
Project challenges through lack of communication and confusion of responsibilities
Frustration among staff and negative moral impact
Intimidation by the “unknown BIM factor” causing a push back on implementation.

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