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How Rebranding Can Save a Business

by Munksgaard Hammond (2018-04-30)

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Creating a brand and a marketing strategy can be difficult and the first attempt is not always successful. Trying a new approach is referred to as rebranding a business. There are other times when business rebranding is also appropriate. Situations, such as mergers, acquisitions, changes in the scope of the business, or a damaged reputation, also warrant the development of a rebranding strategy.

Possible End Results

Companies that specialize in B2B brand strategy apply the combined expertise of professionals to save a business by presenting it in a strong and positive manner. b2b advertising may better suit a businesses that has evolved since being introduced. A cleaning supply distributor that has added a division to sell and repair equipment is an example. The business has outgrown the slogan, the logo, or the business name. New ones will represent all the products the business now has to offer.

Combining the names of two strong businesses after a merger is another end result of rebranding. Rebuilding the trust of customers after an unfavorable incident is also an end result of this process. An example is the campaign that included wildlife rescue efforts by an oil company after a huge spill in the ocean. The marketing also included details of safety measures and ways to avoid future issues. That company is still in operation today.

The Steps Involved

Saving a business by rebranding requires specific steps. Professionals begin by determining the strengths and weaknesses of the business and auditing brands. Strategic plans for the business, sales, and marketing are reviewed, as is an assessment of the business reputation. That is how the process begins because professionals have to know where a business is to get an idea of how to proceed to save it.

Relevant industry trends are explored, as well as the corporate identity practices of the business. Positive assets, unique capabilities, and aspects of the business that sets it apart from others are discovered, discussed, and highlighted in the new approach. This provides the foundation for a bold and successful brand.

How to Determine When the Business Needs Saving?

A few warning signs can indicate when the business branding is lacking. One is if the executive team of a business cannot explain the brand or agree on what the brand means or represents. If no one can locate the marketing plan for the business, it has not be implemented consistently and should be revisited. branding agency that acquires another business will want to explore the possibility of reconsidering the brand or symbol for the expanded entity.

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