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The 8000 watt 48 volt pure sine lower frequency inverter

by Marcher Roy (2018-04-28)

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48vdc to 120/240vac inverter charger

This is inverter engineering at its greatest — the brand name new AIMS Energy 8000 watt 48 volt pure sine lower frequency inverter is large-duty, built for ideal power and effectiveness.

You will also be happy to know that this is a three-in-1 merchandise.
The inverter transforms DC (immediate current) electrical power saved by batteries into AC (alternating present) electrical power that can be employed to energy equipment and appliances of all kinds.

A created-in 50 amp transfer switch makes it possible for the solution to instantly swap from utilizing a battery bank to shore energy. This is excellent in the function of a electricity outage, as the merchandise will routinely detect the outage and redirect electrical power from your backup battery lender.

It also has a constructed-in eighty amp battery charger which employs AC electrical power, from the grid or from a gas-run generator for case in point, that can be utilised to recharge a battery bank as effectively. The battery-variety selector on the leading of the unit permits the capability to adjust the voltage supplied to the lender.

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