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Factors to Think about When Installing an Inverter

by Connor Goode (2018-04-28)

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Energy inverters – gadgets that transform normal battery (DC) electrical power to AC house electrical power – are becoming more commonplace in the trucking market. Dependent upon whom you request, that is to the delight, or chagrin of fleet and routine maintenance professionals, who typically have a enjoy/hate connection with inverters.
“Inverters have constantly been a magnet of controversy,” says Steve Carlson, Xantrex’s OEM sales manager. Xantrex is a leading supplier of inverters, and Carlson claims shipments have risen sharply because early 2012. The organization expects this trend to keep on in the subsequent number of a long time.
“Fleets know that motorists enjoy them, as they supply an added evaluate of creature ease and comfort that aids with driver retention,” Carlson claims. “But, they can be anxious about inverters and their potential to hurt the truck’s electrical technique.”
Carlson typically fields questions from fleets about inverters. “The distrust of inverters is truly a thing of the earlier, if -- and I stress if -- the correct inverter and installation practices are adopted. Inverters can be a fantastic asset to motorists and fleets. The important is for fleets to do their homework and know what’s very best for their procedure prior to producing a obtain. 1 dimensions does not fit all, and inverter high quality varies tremendously.”
Carlson claims the adhering to queries usually increase over all other individuals when fleets try out to determine which inverters to buy.

1. What Size Inverter Do You Require?

2. Variety of Electricity: Sine or Modified Sine Wave

3. Set up: Can fleets install an inverter?

4. Reliability

five. What about a built-in battery charger?

And more.

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