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How to Pick the Proper DC to AC 230V Power Inverter

by Albert Lundqvist (2018-04-28)

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What is a energy inverter?

1st of all, let us commence with the definition. What is a electricity inverter?

A electricity inverter is a system which converts battery electricity into mains energy, i.e. it transforms 12V immediate recent (DC) into 230V alternating recent (AC).

230V AC is the electricity provided to our homes by utility firms, and this is the energy essential by most typical family appliances this sort of as lights, TVs, fridges and so on.

There are two primary varieties of inverters:

Off-grid inverters, which perform as a standalone technique and need batteries (generally employed in caravans, vehicles, boats or places without obtain to mains energy)
On-grid or grid tie inverters, which require mains power to perform (typically utilised in home photo voltaic programs and consider enter right from solar panels)
In this article we are going concentrate on off-grid inverters only - i.e. inverters which can be employed to construct an off-grid 230V photo voltaic method.

Which energy inverter should I decide on?

So, which off-grid inverter is greatest for your battery / battery bank in a caravan, motorhome, boat or for a standalone off-grid solar technique?

In order to reply this issue, you will need to think about a few important factors:

Type of inverter: Modified sine wave / Pure sine wave

Power ranking (wattage) of the inverter

Input voltage (particularly in the situation of a standalone photo voltaic technique)

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