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Elements to Contemplate When Installing an Inverter

by Connor Goode (2018-04-28)

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Electrical power inverters – gadgets that transform standard battery (DC) electrical power to AC family energy – are getting to be a lot more commonplace in the trucking market. Relying on whom you ask, that’s to the delight, or chagrin of fleet and servicing supervisors, who usually have a enjoy/detest relationship with inverters.
“Inverters have often been a magnet of controversy,” claims Steve Carlson, Xantrex’s OEM product sales manager. Xantrex is a foremost supplier of inverters, and Carlson suggests shipments have risen sharply since early 2012. The firm expects this craze to carry on in the following couple of years.
“Fleets know that drivers love them, as they offer an further evaluate of creature ease and comfort that aids with driver retention,” Carlson states. “But, they can be anxious about inverters and their possible to harm the truck’s electrical technique.”
Carlson usually fields inquiries from fleets about inverters. “The distrust of inverters is genuinely a point of the past, if -- and I stress if -- the correct inverter and set up procedures are followed. Inverters can be a wonderful asset to motorists and fleets. The important is for fleets to do their research and know what’s best for their procedure prior to making a buy. One particular dimension does not match all, and inverter good quality may differ tremendously.”
Carlson says the following concerns normally rise above all other people when fleets attempt to figure out which inverters to obtain.

1. What Size Inverter Do You Need to have?

2. Type of Electrical power: Sine or Modified Sine Wave

3. Installation: Can fleets install an inverter?

4. Trustworthiness

5. What about a built-in battery charger?

And much more.

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