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Explore a lot more about Taser Equals Non-Lethal

by Atkins McClellan (2018-04-25)

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There are more stories than ever about a TASER C2 as a self defense product. There is a lot of false information being tossed around and it is difficult to determine what is accurate and what it not.

Here are the Facts:

1. TASER is powerful, yet non-lethal self-defense weapons.

2. TASER interrupts the function of muscles and nerves through a potent current.

3. Deployment of a TASER can be from up to 30 feet away and will leave the attacker out of action because of prevailing neuro- muscular system in the body.

4. The attacker will stay out of action long enough for you to get to safety and call for help.

A growing number of people are choosing the non-lethal TASER C2 over buying a pistol or rifle, which most times are, lethal weapons. Most people don't necessarily want to kill an attacker; they simply want to get away from the attacker and let the police arrest and deal with the situation.


There are contradictory reports as to whether A TASER is lethal or not. An article from the National Post on May 7, 2008 stated that this issue was taken to court and the court ruled that there was no evidence that A TAZER C2 or any model were the cause of death or in any way a contributing factor in the deaths of at least 68 individuals that were involved in crimes. In each of these cases, a medical condition or other non related TASER situation was determined to be the cause of death.

This is very significant information, since there have been numerous times when the blame has been wrongly placed on the weapon. Of course, it is extremely important to get accurate information and training with any weapon before using it.

A training video is included with every TASER sold. If owners of this device watch the video it should cut down on unnecessary injury.

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