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Financial Astrology: the essentials of predicting the stock market

by Womble Williams (2018-04-23)

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Can astrology really predict the movement of the markets? Skeptics would answer in which the only point astrology can forecast is a person's gullibility. While many christians of astrology perform tend in the direction of the naive "New Age" stereotype, an impartial overview of the historical correlation between stock prices and planetary action clearly suggests that prediction is achievable, if only under certain problems. One of the issues in evaluating the relationship among prices as well as the planets is actually the large number of factors involved. Many astrologers work with at least 9 planets, 7 elements (i.elizabeth. the angular separation in between two planet's), 12 homes and Twelve constellations, to say practically nothing of asteroids, set stars, nakshatras or even whatever some other supplementary guidelines one decides to mention. Taken together, this kind of produces a huge number of achievable permutations that may be correlated with market tendencies.


In the lack of strong flow contacts in order to the particular initial trade chart of the stock exchange or perhaps company, it's very hard certainly to detect where the market goes. In those conditions, astrology may fare absolutely no better than possibility. But in which close angular contacts are made among current planetary jobs and those within the first business chart, prices follows set patterns as explained the established symbolism of the world and perspective involved. We'll examine the salt water evaporates in more detail beneath.


Essentially, the basic rule associated with financial astrology is: Favorable planetary alignments through transportation contacts with benefices during the dasha periods of well-placed planets will tend to deliver price raises, while bad aspects coming from bad planet's -- a square (90 degree) element from Saturn for instance -- will usually press the share price down. As already noted, situations where unambiguously positive or negative planetary patterns main occur the majority of the time. This can be the main reason the reasons why astrologers run into difficulty. They extrapolate too far on the basis of thin or unclear data. An even more prudent strategy is to avoid making predictions at times of inconsistent data and just take organization positions when the variables will be more clearly described.

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