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Ironmongery used in the building trade for door knobs.

by Star Prieur (2018-08-15)

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Architectural ironmongery is a specialism using standard metals like as aluminium, brass and iron and their use in the finishings inside buildings, houses & homes. Included in the phrase are cupboards and window fittings. As the phrase implies, ironmongery,, relates to handles and hinges as used on doors and windows and could be utilised in several types of buildings or projects.

The styles of ironmongery in use now have their most early influences from before mass industrialisation, where we would have had the town blacksmiths manufacturing door handles for local buildings. After the revolution many new firms started to appear, who offered mass production of these. This made them much more widely available. So local builders could now order pieces regionally and not have to rely on the blacksmith, who was part of the cottage industry.

Today is the national body for ironmongery. It lays down the standard for all working in the ironmongery industry and offers an assurance of people in the industry such as architects and providers.
As a construction company or supplier you gain from having accreditation to be able to abide to industry regulations as set out in government legislation and GAI does exactly that. This help guarantee the quality of what they provide. The guild symbol, available to members , is a stamp of assurance of quality and that members have had a certain degree of understanding and training in the sector.
Members should have 1 person with Regal training in their organisation. They should also have complete indemnity insurance.

The ironmongerypublication is produced annualy and there is a freely available pdf, often up to 36 pages giving news and photos of all topical building works. It is excellentlyproduced and clearly shows the current trends in architecture and the implementation of ironmongery in the various different projects that members have just finished. There are many photos and designs of current building projects showing the looks achieved using ironmongery in the finishings of these projects. These are improved by all the latest in decorative finishings in the final project.

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