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Etsy 2018 SEO - What You Need To Know

"Nigel" (2018-06-24)

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quarterJust a few months ago, it was easy to optimize Etsy listings for searches AND to quantify Etsy SEO success.
Etsy sellers could upgrade their names and tags, and wait a few hours, perform an Etsy search, and see their listings within the first few pages of results.

Not so anymore.

Today The fantastic thing is that EtsyRank allows you to do this for free once you register for an account. The program also allows you to carry out bulk rank searches using a paid Pro subscription.

Etsy Stats- Use the"Search Terms" section to determine the key words customers are searching for your items.

Google Analytics- Here is a post from Etsy about how to get started with Google Analytics.

Educate Yourself- Blog posts - Ultimate Keywords

Get Help - SEO Marketing

Context-Specific Rankings

One major shift in the Etsy search algorithm entails a theory known as context-specific rankings.

Silverman first introduced this term in his November 6, 2017 Quarter 3 Etsy Earnings Conference Call, when he announced that CSR was implemented in September 2017 and described it as technology that uses question and user-level information in real time.
Silverman further exemplified the concept of context-specific positions in his December 2017 video by showing results of a before-CSR and an after-CSR key word search for"laundry basket." From the before-CSR example, the hunt provided results for a variety of laundry-basket related items, including decals picturing laundry baskets, a laundry bag with pictures of laundry baskets, and a rack for holding laundry shelves.

From the after-CSR example, the search results feature real laundry baskets.
I have to agree with Josh here. CSR does make it easier for buyers to find items they are more inclined to purchase.
How then, as Etsy vendors, do we let our perfect customers understand that we have something they'd like? How can we improve our Etsy SEO strategy?
Etsy has been reticent to make official announcements about search changes, however, Silverman gives us a few clues. His forum Q&A tells us that Etsy is
"...working hard to get better at understanding what your item really is, according to all of the data in your own listings, including picture recognition, without attention on your names. Finally, our goal is to get you layout your title and product description in a manner that many appeals to clients."
Does this imply that Etsy will start to concentrate more on your item description? It looks like it.
And image recognition? Yep, that too
All these modifications in Etsy SEO might have been more manageable for Etsy vendors if Etsy hadn't started showing multiple search results for the identical store on the first pages of searchengines.
Previously, Etsy included a factor for diversity when displaying search results. This factor made Etsy search seem fair by only allowing one record from every store on every page of hunt. It gave more Etsy vendors a fighting chance to be found.
Now when clients search, a couple of stores dominate search results. Clients buy those things, and those shops continue to acquire boosts in evaluations. (Also, Etsy continues to earn a profit.)
If you're one of those shops dominating, I am certain you are happy with clumping. For everybody else, it has turned into a real buzzkill.

Etsy system limits the number of listings per seller that may return within the first few pages of results for any specific query. This makes it possible for us to help buyers go through the breadth of items available on Etsy, which, as we have learned through testing and data, increases the likelihood they'll make a purchase. We are going to continue to examine the data to make sure we're helping buyers find what they're searching for within our diverse assortment of listings. We will need to do a better job at providing Breadth, and not just Depth. I agree that this is a place where we must improve, and we're making significant investments to achieve that.

Personally, I think that this is simply a very poor reaction to something that's ruining the livelihood of several Etsy sellers.
Since we can't restrain clumping, as Etsy sellers, we need to strategize.
So how can your Etsy SEO strategy evolve?
Right nowwe all know that we can enhance Etsy SEO by using these hints out of the Etsy Seller Handbook:
Continue to utilize relevant keywords for your own titles and tags.
Make sure your tags and titles fit.
Use your best keywords at the start of your titles.
Select as many features as you can that accurately describe your product.
Complete your about section.

Use Etsy's policy template
List brand new things often and revive old listings consistently.

Be as specific as possible with your categories.

Give clues (for example your main key word ) to exactly what your product is at the very first paragraph of your description. (That is always great for Google SEO anyhow.)

Concentrate on smaller niche keywords and create product lines to target people search phrases. (it is possible to play with the clumping game, also.)

Contain photos that show your item being used.

Continue utilizing Etsy SEO tools like EtsyRank and Marmalead to Investigate and test different key words.

Experiment with free Delivery
Consider faster processing and transport times

Educate Yourself on Etsy SEO


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