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Long Tail Keywords are Profitable

"Maximilian" (2018-06-24)

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What is so particular about long tail keywords?

Long-tail key words are usually searched by men and women at the end of their decision making process: when they are ready to purchase.

To explain how this is so using very simple keyword illustrations, let's consider a bracelets - - Normal decision making process that a shopper goes via:

  1. Research: individual browses item pages product info and starts to run study. Normally shoppers use broad search terms including "bracelet" or "gift for boyfriend".
  2. Comparison: shopper now knows what they wish to purchase, have started to filter out unwanted products and are comparing the residual listings. At this stage, they may be hunting for something such as "silver bracelet".
  3. Transaction: this is when the shopper knows what they want and they're ready to buy. Here, they're looking for very specific terms, for example "classic silver necklace".

As you will see by the simple examples above, as a person gets closer to purchasing they will typically get really specific with their search phrases and use longer phrases of more words.

Picking good long tail keywords and optimizing seo in your listings for them may help get your record before people when they are ready to purchase.

For instance; "bracelet", "silver bracelet" and "vintage silver bracelet" are all very long tail key words that are searched quite often on Etsy, however we can guess that vintage silver bracelet isn't hunted as often as the previous two long-tail keywords. But, it may still be very beneficial due to its high purchase intent. Furthermore, this search phrase has 1/20th of the competition that "necklace" has. Win-win!
Are long tail key words three words or more in length?

Not always, but generally it is true. The job of a keyword depends entirely on how frequently it is searched every month. The most popular search phrases will appear at the "head" section, popular search terms will appear at the "long tail".

For instance:

Xylophone sounds this is a lengthy tail term which contains two words.

Womens tank tops: this is a mind query which contains words.

Are long tail keywords valuable?

Regrettably not. Some lengthy tail keywords have zero commercial value in any way. By way of example, "classic xylophone keys" is seldom searched. When some individuals could be on the lookout for these, and a couple of sellers could be earning some cash from this type of long tail term, it is not likely to make you wealthy! So choose words the best way you can..

How can I use long-tail key terms in my listings?

To qualify to appear in long tail searches on Etsy, your list must contain all of the words the shopper typed into the search box someplace in the listings tags or title. If the consumer is being really specific, for example "vintage silver bracelet for mom in law", then the simplest way to look in the results would be to put that word in the title. To add extra emphasis, you'll need to follow the hints found from the Seller Handbook. By way of instance, place that word near the start of the name and use those words on your own tags.

If the term is too big to add a tag, you might wish to split your tags into two: "vintage silver necklace" and "mom in law necklace".

Word of warning:

Employing long-tail keywords can be extremely lucrative, but exercise caution. The examples above are used and simple to earn a point. You will need to pick keywords according to your own judgment. Don't expect a great deal of views if you focus entirely on long tail keywords because we understand they aren't searched very often. Make modest experiments with your own listings, mixing long tail and mind key words, watch your stats closely and find a set of words that works best for your store personally. Do not hurry to change all your listings overnight!

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