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BanglaTalk - The Start of a Revolution?

"Christoper" (2018-06-01)

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BanglaTalk is starting to play an increasingly important role in the lives of over 250 million Bengalis living in Bangladesh and the West Bengal of India. The primary reason for its success and fame is that there is no middleman! I'm saying this in a layman's term. Just imagine that you are buying a flat; so, you approach an agent and then that agent approaches the owner of the building. Of course, the agent charges a commission. The same thing happens in the social media platform where the middleman can be many entities such as your government or can be a big fat multinational company who can allegedly acquire your precious data in the name of localization and personalization to make the world a better place, and your information becomes their commodity. But BanglaTalk is doing a dipsy-doodle (to confuse) to the competitors because it is completely Peer-to-Peer which means that the people don't have to worry about their privacy. And, this brings the most imperative factor that builds the pillar of this company and that is TRUST. If the consumer trusts you, they value you. They value your product. They become a part of the family. BanglaTalk is not just an application in the App Store or Google Play Store, but a way to cherish the culture of Honesty, Integrity and Trust.

BanglaTalk has all the features of other messengers, but the things that is baffling the competitors is that it is a region-specific app built around a community in mind. BanglaTalk has recently gained over a few million users in a very short time. Even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that they have to be more region specific to understand the needs of the people. It seems that BanglaTalk is already ahead in that and the application is going viral. The app is not just confined in the Bangla region, it’s gaining tremendous popularity around the world. How amazing is that? The application is itself telling us how to be more culturally involved. BanglaTalk is pervasive in its own way. The company is planning to introduce its own cryptocurrency making it one step or several steps ahead because the rural section of this region is also understanding the realm of digital world, making this app popular in, literally, every part. That's why it's pervasive!

BanglaTalk has generated enormous interest amongst investors around the world. Even Mark Cuban has said that he would love to invest in a company that unites people and cherish different cultures. Due to its fantastic run and the core team members who have years of experience in building scalable products for tens of millions of users want to join the revolution to see how this application thrives. The investment goal of the company is $50 million and as per Forbes estimate BanglaTalk will be getting that money in just a matter of week! In coming months, $50 million for the company will be just a drop in the bucket. The stock price is skyrocketing high and who could have thought that the people who have previously worked at Google, Facebook, Apple, WeChat, Alibaba and a few other tech giants will provide such a platform. This might sound strange to you, but what all these companies have in common is that their priority is to make money, the people who use these platforms are secondary. Monetization is the last of BanglaTalk’s concern. The company's priority is to make a change, a real one!

P.S: BanglaTalk is a Serverless Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Messenger Application to make FREE Unlimited Voice/Video Calls, Send Instant Messages and Enjoy Unlimited Sharing with friends and family worldwide. Link to Apple App Store: and Android Play Store:

Author: Shaan D Tarai – Journalist, Freelance Author, Tech Enthusiast

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