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Really Holistic Healing

"Annie" (2018-05-18)

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Really holistic healing includes western allopathic healing, as well as Ayur Vedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient and more recent healing techniques. I read the other day that science was invented 500 years or so ago, in Europe. That is utterly ridiculous. indian healing clay, Chinese and Persian civilizations have been building hospitals and providing scientific healing techniques for thousands of years.

They may not use the exact philosophy and procedures that western science does, but to imply that eastern science is inferior to western science is just arrogant hubris.

Right now, the US government is debating the nationalization of health care. I am actually kind of neutral about that. I hear good arguments on both sides. However, the president of the USA is the leader of the American people, and I am willing to follow him. He says he wants national health care, so I say, ok let's get it done.

My point in this article, is getting the western allopathic medicine to work in harmony with, and stop suppressing, the alternate healing techniques that are available.

The most important principle I propose is that all kinds of doctors and healers are teachers and advisers, servants, not directors or saviors. It is the patients who are responsible and accountable for their own health and welfare, not the doctors and counselors. This is a philosophical point that should be taught in all medical schools. I avoid the medical establishment, because of the attitude of superiority that is so blatant, and ingrained in their culture.

And this principle extends into all aspects of human society. The educational establishment is the real source of this modern day caste system. They are selling education and promoting this attitude that if your knowledge doesn't conform to their standards, then it isn't real knowledge. Its like an intellectual monopoly, the dream police (Cheap Trick).

As much as I try to make this a positive article, I just can't avoid my attitude, that the attitude of superiority that our schools are selling, is causing the corruption of our civilization. It is counter revolutionary, replacing our rule of law, with the rule of man that we rejected during the founding of the United States.

I suppose it goes all the way back to Plato's Republic, defining a hierarchical society. And I like Plato and his philosophy. It really gets sinister with Nietchze, Freud, Marx, Engels and even Adam Smith promoting self interest as the most productive economic principle, and that whole so called process of enlightenment, and the rise of the secular humanist state.

Now our schools are teaching kids that most human beings are animals, organized into this hierarchical state, ruled by a superior class of human beings. And of course, the superior class of human beings are defined by education and credentials. Of course education, and even credentials, are good. It is laws, requiring people to have certain credentials to do certain jobs, that is oppressive. Oppression is the absence of justice.

The diversity in human nature is one of our greatest strengths. There is no 'one size fits all' for educating and training human beings. Real free enterprise is the best solution to poverty, not this fascist state that governs every aspect of life on earth. This attitude is also contributing to the corruption of our business organizations, and our economy. I agree, that capitalism is the most successful philosophy of economics ever practiced. It has produced more wealth for more people than any other system.

Being based on self interest and competition, capitalism is inherently corrupt, and unsustainable. Selflessness and cooperation, justice and compassion, are superior motivations for a spiritual solution to our economic problem.
We can not afford to allow a few aggressive people to rule over the vast majority of people, who just want to live in peace and harmony, with each other and our natural habitat.

The rule of law is an inherent attribute of human nature. Freedom is lawful, not lawless. The USA has been so successful, because it has unleashed the creative freedom of the American people. Our educational establishment is replacing the rule of law in the conscience of our people, with the rule of lawyers, and other elite ruling class people, who attain their elite status through education. And now, our government is legislating laws that overrule ancient laws and principles, and control the minute details of our lives.

America needs to love and respect life, and steadfastly stand for freedom, equality and justice for all people everywhere.

The United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the philosophy of the next generation of human civilization. It is cooperative, peaceful, and superior to the self interest and competition that is terrorizing the people of earth.

Peace be with you all.

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