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How to combine multiple PDF files into one document using

"Kit" (2018-04-15)

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What about uploaded and downloaded PDF files?
All uploaded and downloaded files will be automatically deleted from our server once the processed file is downloded.
In rare case we may not complete your request due to any internet connections problems or any other issues, in those cases also no files are stored on the server.
All the files are deleted permanently at the end from the Server.
The files you upload or download are not stored permanently anywhere or not available to anyone else.
We Don’t store any of the information of your files

Who are the frequent Users have a need of merging PDF files?
For authors who write books or articles can merge there Pdf files to one Pdf file at the end.
For students to merge pdf online their Marks memos to one Pdf file.
For all other users who want to keep a proper ordered Pdf files in one Pdf file.

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