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Using Inkjet Printers For Your Large Format Printing Needs

"Morgan" (2018-04-14)

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Most people are aware of consumer grade inkjet printers for home and office use. However, many folks don't realize that inkjet technology can also produce professional photographic prints and posters. These professional prints can be produced in a large format by an inkjet printer. These commercial inkjet printers can produce a much higher quality print in large sizes and on many different types of media. Your business can benefit from using an all-in-one large format inkjet printer for all your commercial, promotional and advertising needs.

Large format inkjet printers can produce poster prints as big as 58 x 100 inches. These printers are customizable down to ½ inch increments, so virtually any size print can be produced. Most consumer desktop inkjets can only handle a standard size piece of paper up to 8.5 x 13 inches. A large format printer can provide for any size your business may need at almost any height and width.

Commercial grade large format printers use special UV-resistant inks. That means your high quality prints are protected from harmful UV rays that can fade and discolor consumer printed material quickly. Colors are vibrant and maintain their richness longer, even when positioned in direct sunlight. These inks maintain their sustainability even when printed on non-traditional materials like canvas or cloth.

With large format printers, a quick turnaround is key in getting the job done and your materials distributed. Today's inkjet technology provides for quicker, more precise printing with inks that are specially designed to dry fast without sacrificing color vibrancy. In most cases, a professional printing business can produce a high volume of comprehensive color posters and prints within one business day. The simplicity and convenience of modern inkjet printers can keep your office running smoothly and efficiently, all while producing top-notch printed materials.

Large Format Printing format inkjet printers can handle a wide variety of printing media, such as canvas, vinyl and textured paper.

Canvas prints are great for an artistic and classic feel. You can mount a printed canvas in a frame for added appeal and visual effect. Vinyl signs are printed with ease with a large format inkjet printer. These signs are waterproof and durable, and can be fed through the printer from a large spool. Vinyl banners are ideal for outdoor use because they are tough and resistant to harsh weather. Vinyl can also be adhesive or made with static cling, which is ideal for printing decals and other window signs.

Commercial inkjet printers are able to handle a wide array of materials and give you the flexibility to be stylish and create your own unique signs, posters and banners. You can experiment with different textures and media to produce truly original designs and effects.

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