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Fifa Mobile Tricks: Player Passes And Direction

by FIFA Singh (2017-12-30)

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As you all know, the game has a series of virtual controls. However, you can also give passes by sliding your finger across the screen. If your phone has a small screen, one of the best Fifa Mobile tricks is that FIFA Mobile Free Coins and Points you slip your finger to give the passes before using the controls . The risk of making mistakes with the buttons will be much greater than if your screen is something bigger. The passes, as far as possible, must always be short to get better to the opposite area.

If we decide to use the buttons, we must pay attention especially to the blue arrow of the players and the direction that they mark. On many occasions, we believe that this arrow indicates the direction in which the player is running. However, it is not like that. This arrow Hack FIFA Mobile tool points rather to where we are moving the command. So, it will be towards that place where the ball will go when passing or shooting on goal.

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