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Who are the various types of writers?

by Jay Leonard (2019-04-24)

There are three basic types of writers who are hired for their services by organizations who cannot write content for marketing. These writers are mainly ghostwriters but re branched out because of the various tasks they perform.

•    A ghostwriter: a ghostwriter to hire are people who are paid to write various content that is credited to another person to write autobiographies, fictions or non-fiction content for other people.

•    A staff writer: these are ghostwriter who is hired by businesses to write blogs or other content for marketing. These ghostwriters to hire often work as freelancers and not permanent employees but usually provide reliable content for the employer. One benefit of hiring a staff writer is that if they are renowned in the industry as a ghostwriter, they can bring some of their followers to your blog or content.

•    An article writer:  works on short term deals where ghostwriters and staff writers are hired for bigger projects. If you are trying to build a niche site, you can hire an article writer to simply generate content for search engines and distribute articles in order to obtain backlinks to your site.

Are you aware of any other types of writers for hire in the industry?


Re: Who are the various types of writers?

by reven rayes (2019-10-25)

Writing world is so vast if we talk about writing fields & professions. some people might be think that there's only one writing profession which can whatever is one internet, if you... Read more