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Re: a magia do gojiberry

by digital agency jakarta (2020-07-28)

In response to a magia do gojiberry

In the mid-80s, Island Records digital agency then still independent and owned by Chris Blackwell – sent to all its affiliates around the world a poster which showed a colourful drawing of an island with a coconut tree surrounded by the sea. The tag line was: “A terrible thing happens penyelenggara bansos when you don't promote...” The answer came in the form of one word in very small font size: “…nothing!”

There is no reason to believe that what was valid three decades ago does not apply today. It would be a eo bansos mistake to think that because some music exists, it will find it audience just by the simple merit of being available. Now, as it was then, something terrible happens if you don’t webinar promote…nothing!