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by David Shop Tuan Azbaby (2020-08-20)

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Thời trang trẻ em Pajama with popular fabric materials are silk, silk kate, non-gloss, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese. Although the material in each country is slightly different, in general, the material used for making pajamas is relatively smooth and shiny. Plus typical motifs of pijama are images that are familiar to everyone's daily life such as polka dots, bricks, squares, kity, doremon, watermelon, pineapple, bear, rabbit, dog, cat ... .

In particular, pajamas are extremely easy to wear and extremely comfortable to wear at home or sleep. It feels cool and comfortable for the wearer.

With its own characteristics from the materials and patterns combined with the unique design, the pajama makes every child look more adorable. Maybe not a father or mother does not melt in front of a lovely child with a cute and funny pajamas.